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The Secrets Of The Shadows

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Essay Preview: The Secrets Of The Shadows

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Curtis Wright


The Secrets of the Shadows

The title of the book is The Secrets of the Shadows, and the author is Bluford Series. The theme of the book focuses on a boy named Roylin Bailey, a boy at Bluford sophomore who deals with the matter of trust. He steals money to buy a gift for the girl of his dreams and finds himself in a lot of stress he cannot escape. The author writes book for most young kids she books focus on the lives of high school students and there family. The book series are for almost every reader, and also the books are short like 200 pages so it's not long to read and she makes book easy to read.

The book starts off when Roylin meet a good looking girl from school, her name was Korie. They had both stared to like each other, so Roylin tries to impress her, so he end up stealing money. He took the money form is old sleeping neighbor that stay next door to him. He buys her a $300 dollar necklace, but he did not no that the janitor watched the whole thing happen! Soon he tells Roylin that the old man had a heart attack when he found out that his money was missing. The janitor tells him that he would help him cover the dead body by digging the grave in the basement. Then Koria left him after she gets the necklace for another boy so he tells his friend about the whole thing. So soon they went down into the basement and unwrapped the towels on the body and found out that it was full of sand bags. The janitor told them that it was a joke that Mr. Miller was put in a retirement home.

The tone of the book was nervous because for you to take the money and thinking that you killed your friend that would make any body nervous. The conflict of the story was between Rolyin and his self. I think that's the worst that u can have when u are struggling



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