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The Great Gatsby And Shadow Of A Nation

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The great Gatsby and shadow of a nation share many themes. One of the main ones being the American dream. In Gatsby, most of the characters are examples of the corruption of the American dream. In shadow of a nation, Jonathon Takes Enemy is somewhat a victim of it. Both of the texts show how the American dream has been distorted over time.

The Indians in shadow of a nation were forced into a reservation. Americans and their hunger for power had caused the natives to feel inferior. When they started playing basketball, it was a way to reclaim some sort of pride for there culture. Jonathon Takes Enemy tries to leave the reservation and prove that he can be just as successful as the white man. Since he is Native American, it is hard for him to compete with the Americans. Their corrupted dream of power has caused them to believe that other cultures are not as good as them.

In the great Gatsby, it focuses more on what the American dream has turned into, and how it affects their lives. Most of the characters are very rich, and that causes them to be careless. The old dream of white picket fence and happy family has been turned into a contest for the most money. The characters have been so caught up in the idea that they do not care about anything but themselves, and their money.

The American dream used to be to have a nice home and a happy family. Over the years it has become a power struggle. The people care more about money and popularity than they do about there loved ones. This need for every important person to be rich and popular has also kept a lot of great people from achieving their dreams. If Takes Enemy had been wealthy and white, he probably would have had a greater chance of achieving his dreams. If Gatsby wasn't poor, he could have married daisy when they first met. The American dream is no longer a dream. It has become a competition.




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