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The Secret Circle Trilogy: The Initiation

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Essay Preview: The Secret Circle Trilogy: The Initiation

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Summary: Cassie and her mother move from their home in California to live with Cassie's grandmother in New Salem. She soon discovers that the small town has been controlled by a witch's coven for the past three hundred years. To become stronger the coven must initiate a twelfth member but when a young girl is murdered, Cassie realises she can't escape her destiny and risks everything important to her as she falls hopelessly in love with the coven leader's boyfriend.

Characters: Portia Bainbridge is one of the first characters mentioned and although she is not consistently present throughout the book her presence tells us a lot about the main character, Cassie. Portia has high expectations and can be incredibly mean. She judges most people on what they look like:

"How unutterably scuzzy and vomitous"

While Cassie is on holiday in Cape Cod, she feels that she is "stranded on the wrong coast". She has to leave all of her friends in California and feels lonely and lost. When reading this I felt that Cassie did not have much confidence, which makes her character more real.

Upon arriving in her new home in New Salem she makes friends with a girl named Diana, Diana makes Cassie feels welcome like she "truly belongs", this quote has hidden depth as it gives the reader a glimpse of what may lie ahead in later chapters:

"Ever since she had seen her, she felt she could trust her. And she was sure Diana felt the same."

Faye Chamberlain was Ð''The Club' leader, powerful and wicked but able to avoid trouble at any cost. Her followers Suzan and Deborah were part of the mysterious Club too, which Cassie longed to be part of. Faye has the power to scare Cassie and almost put a spell over her. Cassie appears less confident whenever Faye is around, and



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