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An Athletes Secret Of Success

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Vince Lombardi says, "The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and the determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand." A dedicated athlete puts forth their all by fully devoting themselves to their sport. They always try to give one hundred and ten percent before, during, and after practice. Athletes achieve their success knowing they worked hard to attain it and can truly say they accomplished something that makes them a better person.

A committed athlete devotes a great deal of time to practice. They arrive early in order to get in a better warm-up, give more than their best effort during practice, and stay after practice to repeat what they went over. Also, they participate in other sports in order to maintain their physical fitness or continue to devote time to their sport during the off season.

Devoted athletes are concerned with maintaining good health. They eat well-balanced meals with healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables, avoid junk food including soda and other deficient carbohydrates, maintain a healthy weight range which some sports require, and workout regularly, sometimes more than average in order to attain their strong physical condition.

A dedicated athlete devotes most of their free time to their sport. They spend any free moment squeezing in extra practice time and do not allow other engagements, mainly social, to get in the way. They refrain from going to parties, hanging with a crowd that could detour their focus on their sport, and refrain from staying out late. In the many athletes I know, sleep is number one on the priority list after their sport.

Committed athletes are superior role models to younger generations looking up to them and dreaming of playing their sport. Athletes who are good role models often help with children's sporting events supported by local businesses or schools, or they



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