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The Russian Revolution

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Tensions were rising as the Russian Revolution was getting closer to a start. Russian people were not better off after the revolution than they were before. The Russian Revolution led to many changes under the Russian rule. The first change was that the serfs were "freed." The second reason was when the provisional government failed and made the people fight against their wishes. The third reason is when the czar kept on making serious mistakes.

First of all, before the Russian Revolution, more than 80 percent of people in Russia were serfs. These people including men, women, and children worked for the owners of the large estates. Serfs were practically prominently owned by the noble for whom they worked. The noble was responsible for feeding, clothing, and housing the serfs. After Alexander Ð"‰Ð"‰ "freed" the serfs, the Communist came into action by telling the serfs what to do, where to live, and where to work. Now, serfs were responsible for feeding clothing, and housing themselves. After the revolution, the communist party took away their freedom and put them in communal farms. In return, serfs now farmers, killed their livestock and burned their farms. Farmers were killed by the communist for that reason. Communist not only killed them, but beat them and sell them with the land or without. Farmers also couldn't get married without the communist's permission. The serfs, now farmers, didn't want to be part of these communal farms.

Another reason why the people were better off before the revolution and not after was because the provisional government failed. Russia continued to fight World War Ð"‰ against the wishes of the people. The Russian army was no more willing to fight and die for the provisional government than for the czar. The peasants were eager to return home and obtain a share of the lands that were being divided. Like one Russian peasant said, "I don't care who wins the war. It's only for a lot of capitalists anyhow. My house is far from the front, ant the Germans will never get to my village." The Russian army was quickly falling apart. Now, after the Russians were almost defeated, the provisional government had made a terrible mistake on continuing war against Germany. After, when Lenin took power, he dismissed the Duma to take them out of the war. Unfortunately after continuing World War Ð"‰, Russia gave up o one fourth of its European territory to Germany. Russia also gave up many of the country's mines and factories. However, in 1918, Russia got most of its territory back because the Allies defeated Germany, not because of a revolution. The people were better off before because so many lives were killed for the sake of the provisional government's mistake on continuing war with Germany for no reason.

The third reason why the Russian people were not better of after the revolution was because the czar kept on making serious mistakes. One serious mistake he made was, on fighting against the Japanese in the Russo-Japanese War. Russia and Japan were both imperialist powers, and they were competing for the control of Korea. Nicholas Ð"‰Ð"‰, the czar, had made his first mistake. The Russians got soundly beaten. Now, after the war, the defeat increased unrest at home and led to the Revolution if 1905.

The second serious mistake the czar made



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