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Russian Revolution

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Russian Revolution

Revolution is a change, change can be a good thing, like the bell-bottom revolution. Or it can be a bad thing like the Russian Revolution. In the early 1900's the revolution in Russia broke out, at this time Czar Nicholas was ruling a monarchy government. Some say Russia's Revolution was to be blamed because of the Czar's bad decision making and his oblivion to what was going on in his country. The political, economic, and social effects from this revolution was horrific.

In Russia the wealthy lived rich and famous while the poor were starving unnoticed. There was such tremendous poverty, and the cops just wouldn't grow, people started rebelling. The wanted more, they needed more. The Czar did nothing about their needs because he didn't know how bad things were. From his lifestyle he thought life was well. Eventually people had enough they were ready to turn on their leader.

Once the soldiers, who were fighting in WWI turned on the Czar everything went downhill. There was no one there to stop the people from rioting. Instead of the soldiers stopping them they joined them. The soldiers turned on the Czar because they were starving and dieingÐ'... they only had three bullets a day at war. Everyone hated the Czar except for a small class of wealthy people. The monarch government just wasn't cutting it anymore. People wanted to be heard, they wanted rights.

Eventually things got so bad that the Czar abdicated for his son and himself. This took everyone by surprise and the communist government stepped in through the confusion and took over. People didn't mind this because they promised everyone would be equal and they said they would deliver peace and food. The only people who objected to this was the rich class because they didn't want to be equal, they liked having more then everyone else.

I believe the Russian



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