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The Role of Artificial Intelligence

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The United Arab Emirates (UAE) after the federation undergoes histrionic growth in the implementation of artificial intelligence among the Arab nations. The changeover of the UAE to a professional and knowledge hub was reasonably swift and evolutionary, the surveillance of business tradition of UAE starts from pearl diving; however, the contemporary advancement in technology, innovation, creativity and professionalism is unparalleled by any other developing nations. The advanced approach of the UAE government could increase the business opportunities in the nation in 2018; (Warner, 2018) reported the issuance of more than 500,000 business license in UAE indeed reflects the boom in the economy.  The affluence of the nation, the strategic location, the infrastructure, the liberalized norms of investment and the convivial climate make UAE turn out as glorious, above all, one of the most sought business destinations and technical hub of multicultural professionals with diversified knowledge. Artificial intelligence is the most celebrated term recently in the scientific world. According to the reports published by (FRPT Research 2017), the UAE has documented initiation of artificial intelligence lab for the Smart Dubai Office (SDO) and Smart Dubai  Government Establishment, nevertheless recently updated reports deal with the amendment of curriculum is school level; inclusive of compulsory learning on artificial intelligence in the United States and China (Bernstein 2019).

Problem Statement

The role of artificial intelligence cannot be no longer limited to any sector (Garbuio and Lin, Nidthida 2019), it diminishes information asymmetry, the companies are continuously finding innovative solutions, however certain issues are occurred related to security and privacy issues. The partnership of AI has booster the public sector economy in terms of effective service delivery in UK, according to (Mikhaylov, Esteve and Campion 2018). Similarly, (Desouza 2018) dealt with various challenges and opportunity in the US government sector when implementing AI, (Crouch 2019) revealed that the major share of 60% of global investments is poured into China, however, the academic research publications on the UAE public sector has not yet explored the segment. Thus the presesnt study remains quite relevant as it intends to fill the prevailing gap.

Research Question

This research aimed at the key objective to compare the role of artificial intelligence in the UAE with the Republic of China. Thus, this secondary research tries to explore and compare the relevant cases revealing the current status of both the nations with the following research question.

  • How do public government services adopt artificial intelligence in the nations UAE and China?
  • What is the role of artificial development in the economic growth?
  • What may be the challenges government face to implement artificial intelligence?

Review of Literature

Artificial intelligence is the science stream to create intelligent machineries (Habeeb 2017), the remarkable gains of artificial intelligence are the machineries induced with skills like human-like deductive reasoning, inference, and decision-making. One of the monotonous approaches of human are its reasoning skills, are no longer abide with him, as artificial intelligence can create machines with rational skills. According to (Mikhaylov, Esteve and Campion 2018), the implementation of artificial intelligence will maximize the government potential. Further, just as the two sides of the same coin, the AI is exposed to many challenges, among which four challenges were identified by the researcher.



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