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Movie Artificial Intelligence Review

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The movie Artificial Intelligence was entertaining because of its exciting scenes, therefore making it more pleasurable to watch. The story line dealt with a meca boy that wanted to become down-to-earth and sensible so that his surreal mother (Monica) would love him. The meca David was made so that he could love a human once it was programmed into his system. The problem with this was that he would have unconditional love for his "mother" but would be tremendously difficult and take a great deal of commitment for her to truly love him. She felt this way for the reason that her real son was at a standstill and she could not be a mother to him. David was an unreal but tangible object that could only satisfy her feelings for her partially impaired son.

The problem with Artificial Intelligence was that it was very unrealistic and very futuristic which made it far-fetched. There is no problem with this if you are into ultramodern science fiction and you are all right with the fact that it would be a very long time until having a robotic son would be some type of a craze. Personally I liked the movie because of how different it was. Being unrealistic and far-fetched made it more interesting and more enjoyable to watch.

Monica held onto her grudge with David once her real son came back even though it was so hard for her to have a son to love. Keeping quiet was hard for her because her real son had come home and he had a party with some of his friends there and they knew that David was meca even know nobody had told them that he actually was. She thought that it was like keeping a secret even though it was never a secret to start. It is so controversial but it hurts to be honest with the one that you love and she

knew that. Once she realized this she knew she had to get David away from their family so she took him far away because she didn't want him to be destroyed.

The movie was very pleasurable



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