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The Rights And Wrongs Of Abortion

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Essay Preview: The Rights And Wrongs Of Abortion

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Abortion is a complex matter that some people considered it to be as controversial as the issue of slavery. Abortion is no longer a new subject; it has been around for over twenty years, yet it is still one of the top subjects in debates today. On one side of the matter are the abortionists. Their main argument is that a woman should have the right to do what she wants with her body. Their opposition, the people against abortion believes that killing the fetus is just like murdering a human being. Over the years Americans have been evenly split up over the subject, many of them thinking that it can never be solve. My opinion is that abortion should be banned with the exception for when it is used to save the mother’s life.

The abortionist’s strongest argument is that a woman’s body is her own and it is her decision to do what she wants with the fetus. They think that if abortion is illegal, it means that the government is controlling the woman’s body. In a clever way they are slowly taking away people’s personal freedom. Another reason to justify abortion is that women who were raped, or if their baby is deform they should have an option to dispose their baby before birth. Abortion could be a way that allows women to live on without being constantly reminded of their painful past. It is arguably better to have a society where all children are wanted. The unwanted children will feel neglected and can have severe emotional damage. As you may have known, there are many mothers who are under the age of 18. These minors are incapable of taking care of their babies; abortion is their only escape from a trap that can doom their life. Abortion should be legal, because the illegal back alley ones are even worse. Even if the law banned abortion, women will resort to other dangerous methods such as back alley abortions. This method can potentially harm the woman’s health and can even result in death. The last reason that people think that abortion is right is because they don’t believe that the fetus is a human being yet. They think that it is only a mass of cell, a fetus. And if it is not a human being, it can’t be considered murder.

The number one reason that people are against abortion is because it terminates life. Life begins at conception, not at birth, so killing the fetus is just like killing a newborn baby. By killing the fetus, you’re not giving it a chance at life. Because of abortion you don’t know what great things that the fetus could have accomplished (had he/she lived). Another reason against abortion is the option of adoption. There are many couples out there waiting for a child to come to their life. And there are always child-care agencies and foster homes to take your baby. Today many teenagers use abortion as a form of birth control, they aren’t careful or cautious. They should beware of the consequences before doing anything. And if they aren’t, then they should be responsible and take care of what they created. Did you know that the majority of people who use abortion are teenagers? These minors do not have the life experience to make the right choice, a choice that can affect them the rest of their



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