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New York- Abortion Right Or Wrong?

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Essay Preview: New York- Abortion Right Or Wrong?

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New York- Abortion Right or Wrong?

In 1973, two years after Jane Roe declared a court case with the Supreme Court- established a woman's right to have an abortion without interference from the government. A twenty year old, found out she was pregnant. What would she have done? Before 1973, her answer would've been an illegal abortion. After 1973, illegal abortion would still be a fifty-fifty percent chance because of her age. Although abortion was legalized, there were interferences. Abortion- clearly a life and death choice, one of the most difficult choices a female will make in her life.

Before abortions were legal-"The day came and they took me to a motel several miles from Boise. It was a dirty motel and I was alone with this woman. I remember what she looked like really well. She was dirty, too. And not friendly...really divorced from the proceedings. She gave me a cervical puncture. I remember the steel tool. Then she told me to go and that there would be blood, but I would be all right. But the fact is that I didn't abort. I just bled a lot. It was incredibly painful and I got a bad infection.....I aborted at home, so that If he were caught, he would be able to prove that the process had been initiated before he became involved."

The situation that was described with the teenager was a normal situation, when abortion was illegal. Many females of all ages who had an illegal abortions performed-

many possibilities went wrong because person who was doing the procedure was not fully capable of doing it correctly.

The "government should protect women's right to abortion." (Williams) According to Williams, the government should be for abortion, but there has been limited access to abortion in different parts of the world. "In 1997, the 105th Congress banned access to privately funded abortions at overseas military hospitals for servicewomen and military dependents, banned abortions for women in federal prison, prohibited insurance for federal employees from covering abortions, and prohibited abortions for Medicaid recipients except in cases of life endangerment, rape, or incest." (pg. 1)

Why legalize abortion then prohibit certain areas of jobs abortion rights? If this was during wartime, soldiers' would be in a bad case for female aids and fewer women would be in combat. Then what would be the point of being in the armed forces, if you are sitting back at base pregnant and cannot perform for your country.

"Medical schools are a battleground as well, since fewer and fewer of them teach abortion procedures." (pg. 3)

Williams makes a point, "Those doctors remember what it was like when abortion was illegal and women were dying." (Feldt) It does not make sense why the numbers of teaching of abortions in medical schools are decreasing if the number of women dying was high.

On the other hand, "The media have paid no attention to the many studies that have documented a significantly higher incidence of breast cancer among women who have abortions." (Gentles pg. 1)

Gentles, has followed a report on many cancerous affections may occur by having an abortion. There are physiological reasons showing the affects by stimulating different hormones in the breasts and other cancerous spots in the female reproductive system, which cause the cancer to develop.

"Cervical cancer in particular seems to be directly associated with induced abortion. Caner of the ovary have presented conflicting evidence." (Gentles pg. 2) Ectopic pregnancy- a fertilized egg implants outside the uterus and in the fallopian tubes. US have documented that women who has had one or more abortions are more at risk to have an ectopic pregnancy.

Other risks include being clinically depressed and anxious two weeks after an abortion. The Montreal study found that women had extremely high depression scores, approximately fifty percent of women.

Many women, who has to abort pregnancies like their privacy and they choose not to be prolonged in the follow-up studies. "In a surprising number of North American studies data on abortion are downplayed or omitted from the discussion or conclusion sections



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