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The Ransom Of Red Chief

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This story was The story tells of a young boy kidnapped by two men for a ransom. Bill Driscoll and Sam Howard are two fugitives who have escaped to the deep south in order to find money to pay their own bonds of dollars. The town to get there is because of philoprogenitiveness - love for one's own children - that he asserts is common in semi-rural communities. The men need money to pull off another "fraudulent town-lot scheme" in western Illionis. After constructing a plan: Steal the son of the mayor, send a ransom of $2000, secretly exchange the son for the money, and be on their way, the two men find that their plan backfires. Red Chief actually enjoys his stay with his kidnappers, and thinks he's on a camping trip. Red Chief's favorite game to play was "Scout" with Bill, whom he called "Old Hank" and Sam, whom he called "Snake Eyes". Bill and Sam discover that Red Chief is actually a ruthless little terror that no one would want to be involved with. Due to the lowering tolerance for this nuisance and a reasonable offer by the boy's father, Ebenezer Dorset, the two kidnappers decide to give him $250 in exchange for taking Red Chief back. Dorset then took the kid back while Sam and Bill ran quickly away from the town.

The book is about two conmen, Sam and Bill who needed money, but couldn't get without kidnapping. They decided to kidnap the son of the richest guy in town (because they would ask for a bigger ransom). The conmen expected a rich, well-behaved, disciplined kid... but they got more than they bargained for. Instead of the rich, well behaved, disciplined kid they expected, they got a wild, red haired, chaotic, reckless hellion. The kid played as an Indian, trying to sacrifice his kidnappers. Finally the kid scares Sam and Bill so much that...



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