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Red River Valley

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Red River Valley

The movie "Red River Valley," is a B-western that really portrays the way life was in the early 1900s. The music in the movie really set the moods, and gives you a better understanding of what's going on. The song that opens up the movie has a fast tempo that is played what sounds like a trumpet. Then we are introduced to Gene Autry and his partner, Frog Millhouse. The two were tending cattle and seemed to be pretty skilled at it. Then Gene and his partner set out to help build a dam to bring water into the dry land. They will take on the task of being ditch guards at the dam.

The cowboy music in the movie starts when Gene and Frog walk into the town's saloon. There is a band up on stage that is playing a fast tempo song. They are playing with a guitar, piano, harmonica, and other exotic looking instruments, like a bottle that the band member blows into. The men at the saloon are dancing, drinking, playing checkers, and seem to be having a good time. Then Gene and Frog leave the saloon and go to the dam. In the beginning of the scene, a fast pace song that is played with trumpets starts to play, which made me think that the scene would have a lot of action in it. The two men go to work on the dam, but Gene realized that they were set up, and there was dynamite that was about to explode. But he uses his quick wit, and they escape with no harm. After that the two men go back to the saloon to perform on stage. Gene Autry sings and plays the guitar very well up on stage. His voice has a baritone/high pitch sound to it, but he sounds like he has skill. Then after Gene, his partner Frog gets up on stage to perform. Frog uses the whole band and their many different instruments while he sung about his trusty forty-five. The duo was a crowd pleaser, and they left the saloon immediately after performing.

Then there is a scene with group of men walking and singing together with shovels. The men sing with a very deep, bass sounding tone. These men are the guys that are working to build the dam, and they are upset because they aren't getting paid. Gene takes action and goes to the



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