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The Pursuit Of An Mba

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The pursuit of an MBA

University of Phoenix


Dr. Paul Wallace

November 05, 2007

The pursuit of an MBA

Decision to pursue an MBA and expectations.

I realized that my bachelor’s degree in agro economics wasn’t enough to pursue further achievements in my career and explore more what the world offers. Though, in the last few years working in different non-governmental and international organizations, I implemented what I have learned from the bachelor’s degree and make the best use out of it; now, I have experienced that I would have to acquire more skills in order to climb the ladder and invest what I will gain from the master’s degree. Therefore, I can definitely say, my experience from the past has motivated me to pursue my MBA in order to achieve the ultimate goal. .

My expectations from completing the MBA program; the program will boost up my knowledge in managing skills and observing numerous approaches to managing different sectors and I am convinced that the knowledge I am going to gain from the MBA program is an abundant resource for any organization seeking to develop and retain outstanding managers and leaders. With out this program it will be quite a challenge to set-up my future goal especially after I moved from my own country Ethiopia to US. I am definitely sure that I am going to compete with the most outstanding, talented managers in this dynamic global business environment. Up on my arrival I was faced with a decision either to find a job or pursue my education, since the demand for the talented managers is very high, that convinced me hundred percent to proceed looking for collage where I can pursue my MBA program.

While looking for collage within my interest area, I went through few Universities within US. Finally, I decided to contact the



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