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Mba Worth It?

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Earning a MBA

Yamileth Maldonado


10 July 2009

It was a really hot day sitting on my school counselor office, still thinking in which will be my best options and I was ready to submit my application on a Master in Early Development Education, when I decided to change to a Master in Business Administration. The past few years I am been looking forward to continues my education and I started my research on which will be my best options. Both the Masters in Early Development Education and the Master in Business Administration programs crossed my mind few times, but I already had Bachelor in Education, which persuaded me to look on that direction first. I started my Master in Applied Behavior Analysis, since I was working and getting training already on that field, but been married to an active duty soldier made stop it for a while. After 10 years working with children with special needs as Autism, hear impair, mental handicap and learning disabilities, and loving the job. I comprehend that I was looking for something new. As an Army wife I have to deal with immeasurable difficulties one of them is to move from one country to another. I will need to improve my education to something that could help me in the future with my passion on helping these children, equally with my desire of create my own business and help me to deal with my Army life.

A master in business administration opens a wide field of possibilities and directions in different settings all over the world. MBA program will give tools to jump into this business environment and it will help me to develop personal and professional values, develop my potential and the potential in others. It will increase my communications skills, problem solving and collaboration skills. All this characteristic of a MBA program are tools that I will be able to use in the Educational field as well.

Immediately people ask why you changed your mind so dramatic. As a woman of the 21st century I have been involved in a society that expects you grow as fast as society grows. My Jungian personality test reflect that I can be sociable spontaneous and very generous and showed me as possible carriers ER nurse and event coordinator, carriers that I sure I will be able to accomplish very well. The last three years I am bee seeking my opportunities on chancing my career for many reasons that it will included new challenges, be able to cultivate others areas of my life and money matters. The area of Special education is been develop plenty the last 10 years especially on Autism Syndrome research, still we do not have the causes of this syndrome to be able to avoid it happening in our children, but we have huge steps on it and we have great new therapist to facilitate treatment for these kids.

Special Education is a small area in the whole school system, even though that we have a large number or special needs children in our communities this number always is less that the regular population and the majority of the jobs are in public schools system. The number of private schools are very low and it is going to depends on what kind of disability are you working on.

As a result the field of work is very limited to public schools or private practice. Public schools in The United States not always offer education for children with special needs in every school, at least in the State of Florida. Usually they combine in just one school the group of kids that they have in that specific district, this mean that for special education not every school will hired a teacher, just one or two schools for district. As you can appreciate it made so hard for a teacher on this field find a job close enough to home or own children schools. In the other hand private school on this field are raise in large amount, parents are trying to get the most beneficial of a



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