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The Pendragon Series

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Essay Preview: The Pendragon Series

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The books I am doing this on are the Pendragon series. The series are one of the New York Times Best Seller. The book is about a fourteen year old boy Bobby Pendragon who's about to start high school but doesn't get the chance, but we will get to that later. In the beginning there are five main characters besides Bobby, there is Mark Diamond, and Courtney Chetwynde. Mark had been Bobby's best friend sense they were three years old. Bobby had brown hair brown eyes was tall for his age and played on the basketball team. Mark was just the opposite not that popular, athletic, or did I mention popular. Courtney was Bobby's rival and secret admirer, until one day after there middle school dance they kissed.

Then Uncle Press came to see Bobby. Uncle Press was Bobby's favorite Uncle. Bobby had a Dad, Mom, a little sister, and a golden retriever named Marley (the dog is significant to the story trust me). When Uncle Press came he took Bobby on his motorcycle, and took him downtown into an abandoned subway, where they so happen to meet Saint Dane. That's when Uncle Press pulled out a 38 revolver and started shooting at him, but get this the guy was in the form of a security guard, and then shape shifted into a seven in a half foot man with light blue/gray skin wherein a blue suit, and had long silver hair down to his shoulders, and cold dead gray eyes that would make you go weak at your knees. And he pulled out a gun and started shooting too. That's when Uncle Press told Bobby to run for a wooden door with a star carved into it go in side and shoot Denduran.

To help you out I'm going to break it down for you. In this book we live on a territory called second earth. And the door that star marked is called a flume. What it is -is a gate to other territories, and everything is called Halla.

There are ten territories the guy named Saint Dane is trying to find the turning point in each territory and bring it to destroy itself. But there's rule number one you can't mix the territories. Here's an example you can't bring an mp3 player to Cloral mostly because it would get wet



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