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The Fall Of Reach:Halo Series

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Essay Preview: The Fall Of Reach:Halo Series

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Once there was a kid named John. Who was only six years old went they took him into the Spartan program training camp which was located on a planet in the solar system called Reach, were they kidnapped little kids to train them into super human soldiers. John got kidnapped as well as 75 other kids. John meet two other kids named Kelly and Sam and became friends with them. John was the leader of the Spartans and was known to everyone as Master Chief. They all trained to be great elite soldiers. At the age of 14, John and his teammates undergo biological and cybernetic enhancements that turn them into highly efficient and lethal soldiers: however, out of the original 75 candidates, only 33 survive the process and return to full health, with a number of others suffering from inhibiting side-effects. Later, after their first successful real combat operation, the Spartans receive the mjolnir combat armor which further enhances their faculties, making them the best soldiers humanity has to offer.

The Spartans spread up along the front to fight the aliens, but humanity's struggle seems desperate as colony after colony is destroyed by the technological superior Covenant. Shortly after all Spartans are re-united to prepare for a secret mission behind enemy lines, the Covenant launch a large scale assault which leads to the destruction of Reach, The Spartans except for Sam had to cancel there mission to find the profit to go save Reach, which failed.

Sam was there to hold off the covenant. When the Spartans got to Reach they were out numbered by the Covenant. All of the Spartans died on Reach, expect for one lucky Spartan, John. John had to leave Reach and his teammates behind, leaving his teammates was the only way he could survive. The fall of Reach is a notable event in human history because it was the most heavily fortified world of the unsc, rivaled only by earth herself. John escaped on a ship called the Pillar of Autumn which was piloted by the



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