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The Pareto Chart Dani Cole & Daisy Buckhouse Purpose

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Essay Preview: The Pareto Chart Dani Cole & Daisy Buckhouse Purpose

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The Pareto Chart Dani Cole & Daisy Buckhouse Purpose: The purpose of the Pareto chart is to identify the top/most important factors among a set of many variables. This allows users to see which variables are in the top and bottom of the identified category. This can help organizations analyze areas of both success and areas that are in need of improvement. Problem or question to be addressed: Which states make up 80% of the total healthcare visit costs? Data file: Healthcare Data.xlsx Step 1: Connect to the Healthcare Data.xlsx data source found on Blackboard. Import Excel sheet, and open a new Tableau sheet. Step 2: Add Clinic State in the Column section and the sum of Visit Cost in the Rows section. The photo below shows what you should see in your Tableau. Neato! Step 3: Press the decending order button to organize from highest total visit cost to lowest. It looks like this: Your chard should now look like this. Great job! Step 4: Add another Sum of Visit Cost variable to the Rows section. Step 5: On the Marks section to the left of your charts, change the first Sum(Visit Cost) to Bar and the second SUM(Visit Cost) to Line. Your charts should now look like this. Getting pretty crazy! Step 6: In the second SUM(Visit Cost), press the down arrow and open the drop down menu for Quick Table Calculation. From there, select Running Total. Wowee! Notice how the line graph has flipped and straightened out. Step 7: Click the down arrow on the second SUM(Visit Cost) again, but this time select Edit Table CalculationÉ Step 8: In the Table Calculation pop up, select ÒSpecific DimensionsÓ under Compute Using and click the checkbox for ÒAdd secondary calculation.Ó On the right-hand side, change the Secondary Calculation Type to ÒPercent of TotalÓ in the drop-down menu. Under compute using, select Specific Dimensions. You are now safe to exit out of the pop-up. Step 9: Right click on section highlighted in



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