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The Outsiders Summary Pg. 1-12

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Essay Preview: The Outsiders Summary Pg. 1-12

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As he was walking home from a Paul Newman movie, the narrator(a greaser)wishes he has some company because most greasers get jumped by the rich kids from west side. These kids are known as the socials or socs for short. Although some socs just drive by in their expensive cars and yell "Greaser!" , a lot of them like to jump greasers just because they are low class from east side. Greasers are like hoodlums. They steal, drink lots of beer, get into fights, steal old cars etc. They narrator doesn't do these things, because his older brother Darry would kill him. Their parents died in a car crash, so they can't afford any trouble.

A red Corvair soon pulled up beside him and five Socs got out. He was really scared after seeing Johnny (a member of the gang) beat up by some Socs. The Socs walked around him in a circle while smiling slowly until one said, "Hey, grease, we're gonna do you a favor and cut all that long, greasy hair off." "Need a haircut Greaser?" another said. The narrator said "No." backing away from their knife. It was no use because they knocked him down before he knew it. They pinned his arm and legs down as he fought to break loose. They hit him a few times and he soon felt the cold blade against his throat. "How'd you like that haircut just below the chin?" a Soc said. He went crazy and started to scream for help. He heard a lot of screaming and pounding and saw the Socs jump into their cars and leave, but did not know what was going on. Darry picked him up. "They didn't hurt you too bad did they?" Darry said. Even though they did he said, "I'm okay." The gang came trailing along to see what happened. Sodapop came first and pointed out that Ponyboy had been cut. Pony soon started to bawl out crying as his brothers tried to comfort him. Pony soon discovered that the rest of the gang had thrown rocks at the Socs and their cars and the four guys came running down the street.

Sodapop's best friend, Steve Randle is 17 years old and the king of cars. They worked at a gas station together and he could take a hubcap better then anyone in their neighborhood. He could ride anything with wheels and knew cars as if they were the back of



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