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The Organizations Vision and Mission

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Cory, Nicole

Assignment 3

        There are four ways goals and objectives fit into P-O-L-C framework. They serve to: gauge and report performance, improve performance, align effort, and manage accountabilities.

        Planning beings with vision and mission. The organizations vision and mission depicts a set of goals that the company would like to aspire to be in the future. Since goals define what an organization is trying to accomplish and can be both broad and specific, all areas of the organization can plan to achieve the company’s goals and can also strategize by department. Objectives provide goals a deadline. Companies usually set out multiple goals at one time within the planning process and is tackled within a window of time.  With that being said, each person, department, and the company as a whole can gauge what needs to be done and record their progress throughout the allotted time given. When you record your performance you can reflect on areas where you can improve in order to meet your deadline. Reflection gives you an opportunity to come together as a team and keep each person and department accountable for their actions. If you are able to serve these areas of the planning process, you are bound to succeed the company’s vision and mission.

        Organization is the key to success. Keeping track of everything lets you see how close you are to your goal and objective. Then you can figure out what is left to reach it. Each department can also figure out what their role and responsibility will be for achieving the goals and objectives. For example, a company may want to gross $10,000 more revenue in the next year. The production department will have to see how they can reduce their time and materials to assist in the goal. The manager will have to set a goal for their employees and perhaps give incentives to those that reach their individual goals. Without organization it will be difficult to achieve goals.



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