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Personal Vision and Mission

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Many entrepreneurs start a business thinking that they can easily turn their competences into successful business. It is, however, much more difficult than they think. Building long-lasting business success requires more than their current competencies. After they start their business, they become aware of numerous problems they need to face and fail to handle. The most important item to make business on the long run is well-defined value system, which must be established before starting the business. A business’s value system, that consist of mission and vision strategies, need to be concise and clear so that entrepreneurs can use as a compass in their navigation of running the business right. Not only in business, but also mission and vision statements play an important role in the life of human being, which is full of ups and downs. My mission and vision statements navigate my life to the right way and answer three significant questions: who I am, why I live, and what I live for.

My vision statement is “Just be myself instead of being the best person in the world as well as to other people.” For 22 years, I have been hearing, “Be the best person in the world” from my families, teachers, and other people around me. Whenever I go to my grandparents’ house for holidays, all my relatives told me to be the smartest student in school so that I can be the most famous or richest person in future. All I had to do was study hard to be person who they told me to be. The only reason why I am studying abroad was also one of the steps to be the number one in all aspect. South Koreans have very strong enthusiasm for education. Every single schools rank and treat students by their grades and even force them to stay in school until 10 pm for extra studying. Most students, therefore, are not allowed to have free time or enough sleep but rather study until the late night. Since I went to boarding school in Korea, I was required to study until 1 am. As a high school student, I had to focus only on studying for getting in top 10 colleges in Seoul or getting a job in large company, which everyone can look up. If anyone goes to college that is not in Seoul or work at small company that is not well-known to everyone, he or she will not treated properly and always be the target of comparison. Whenever my sister, who went to community college, had job interviews, she had to answer why she could not get into better college. Under this kind of circumstances, I had no vision or mission. I did not have enough time thinking about who I really am and what I want to become. I was busy trying to meet the standard that other people created. When I found myself looping up billionaires’ vision statements to come up with my own, however, I finally realized that I just have to



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