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The Nutcracker - Collin County Ballet Theatre

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Essay Preview: The Nutcracker - Collin County Ballet Theatre

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GT Humanities 1B

28 December 2016

A Winter Must-see

On December 17, 2016, the Collin County Ballet Theatre performed The Nutcracker at Centennial High School. The main roles were played by Alisa Ishikawa, Jaime Thompson, and Kirt Hathaway. In the play, they delivered the story of a young girl, Clara who was gifted a Nutcracker Doll on Christmas, dreaming about her Nutcracker becoming a life-size Nutcracker Prince. Together, they defeat the Rat King and his Rat Army. In honor of this heroic effort, the Snow Queen and Snow King invite them on a magical journey. On this journey, many come to entertain Clara, ending the play with the final scene as Clara falls back to sleep.

Collin County Ballet Theatre’s performance was just one of many performances of The Nutcracker during the holiday seasons. It was a very popular ballet written in 1892, but popular from the 1960s to present. Every year, ballet companies perform this production. The play itself, is wonderful to watch during the cold winter seasons, as it is heartwarming and cheerful. The music that accompanies the dance gets everyone tapping their feet to the delightful rhythm. Whether young or old, the storyline is easy to understand and fascinating, fun for all.

In Act I, Scene 1, the playful rivalry between Clara and her brother was executed perfectly by the two young actors, Alisha Ishikwa and Tyler Storey. They raced across the stage, exhibiting the playfulness and never-tiring energy to two children. The props used for this scene were stunning: a huge Christmas Tree, the moving life-size present box and the detailed decorations all around the room. They really spread the holiday spirit among the audience. In Scene II, the dancers were able to display the intensity of the fight with the Rat King and at the same time gracefully dance to the music.

In Act II,



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