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Greek Theatre

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"Greek Theatre"

Hello my name is Chris Gerald and I want to tell you about Thespis. The honor of the beginning of theatre should be given to one man. His name is Thespis. With his chorus he would carry his belongings on a cart whose floor and tailboard could form an improvised stage. In traveling from one festival to another eventually he reached Athens, Greece. He was said to be the first to win a prize at the newly established festival in the city of Dionysia. The great innovation that Thespis made was to detach himself from the chorus, and engage in dialogue in the character of god or the hero whose deeds were being celebrated. He was said to be the first actor as well as a manager. Thespis was the first unsanctified person who dared to assume the character of a god.

The most important feature of their costumes was the mask, said to have been introduced by Thespis. Masks were made of lightwood, cork or linen. These enabled three actors in a tragedy to play several parts each. It also allowed a theatre staffed entirely of men to

Impersonate woman since woman were not allowed to be in plays. More than thirty types of masks are said to have existed. Each one showing age, standing, sex, fear, rage, hate, and despair."My Greatest Fear"

Of all the fears in life, my greatest would definitely have to be the loss of my parents. My parents have had a great influence in my life. Threw thick and thin they have been there right by my side. I would be lost without them.

My childhood memories of my mom are always warm. I can remember her tucking me in for bed every night. She always has good advice for me in every situation I am in. If I ever lost her it would be a great chunk out of my life. I wouldn't have anyone to confide in.

My dad is the provider for our house. I can remember one year he worked threw Christmas just to keep his job. That was a very sad point in my life.



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