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The Next World War Is Upon U.S.

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Essay Preview: The Next World War Is Upon U.S.

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For those of you, who decided to vote for Bush's re-election, know that your vote put U.S. into the next World War. You may think that I am just a crazy liberal, Sean the Bleeding Heart, but when Russian President Vladimir Putin, The People's Republic of China's President Hu Jintao and Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad all decide to join hands militarily, and share nuclear secrets; the U.S. better realize what is happening. We are on the brink of the next Great War, one that could have been avoided, but one that we as U.S. citizens condoned by placing into office the greatest war mongrel in American history. The U.S. has under this regime said to the world, one: it is ok to pre-emptively attack another country, two: Fuck reason, just say WMD or eminent threat and your ass is covered, and three: Lying is different from Misleading and it is expectable to mislead when it is in the best interest of your country, no matter what those interests are!

It is ridiculous that Mr. Bush supported Putin, called him a friend, "Putie-Poot" to be exact, and that he took no action when Putin ended democratic election and started to chock the free press in his nation. This all was at the same time that Mr. Bush decided to share with the world, that he, the leader of the FREE WORLD, believed it would be easier to run a dictatorship, so long as he was the dictator. I guess Putin agreed. But I am off track for the moment.

There can be no mistake, He's Not My President Bush, has sent our troops into a theater of war that is never ending, he has tied up the vast majority of our defenses and left us sitting like ducks on a war-torn pond, ripe for the plucking. The U.S. troops in Iraq, now sit just outside the newly drawn line of The Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO). The SCO is an Intergovernmental Organization whose claim is not to be a military bloc, but instead a security organization committed to countering terrorism, religious extremism and separatism. The member countries include: China Russia, Iran, Pakistan, India, Mongolia,



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