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The Mummy Process

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The Mummification Process

I know being a mummy sound fun and all but First off if you didn't know if you want to be a mummy then you must be dead. Sorry to break it to you. Also you had to be a rich and powerful person. If you really want to be a mummy I think I you will change your mind after your done reading this.

Now before the steps of becoming a mummy you will need a couple things. Those things are linen to wrap your body , your body(for obvious reasons),a priest, salt, canopic jars, some tools, and oil.

The first step is to be washed off and cleaned up because no one wants a dirty body when they are dead.

Then the next step is to start taking out the organs after they are taken out of the body they are soaked in palm wine for forty days to dry them out. Once they are dry they wrap them in the linen. Then they are placed in the jars. The intestine is placed in a jar that has a falcon head on it. Your lungs are placed in a jar with a head of a baboon head . Your liver is placed in a jar with a human head. And your stomach is placed in a jar with a jackal head on it. Now that excludes the brain and the heart. The heart is left in your body. The brain was pulled out threw your nose with a hook and thrown out.

The next step is to take the your and fill it with salt. If you didn't know salt preserves and drys out meat. After about ten days all fluids are out of the body.

Ok by now your probably stink well they have a solution for that to WOW. Well the way they do that is they have oils and they smell really good and the rub them on you .There is also another plus it's like a lotion so your skin gets moistened . The next step is to wrap your



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