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The Mining Adventure Of Tony

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The Mining Adventure of Tony

Dear family,

I just wanted tell you what has happened in my journey for gold and the friends I made on the way west. I was riding my horse when he stepped into a hole while running.

I fell off the horse and onto the ground. I hurt my back and unfortunately my horse did not make it. So, then I was walking with only $5.00 and water and just a little bit of food about a mile down the road of dust. A wagon went speeding by and then about thirty seconds later it stopped and turned to pick me up. The driver of the wagon was named Jimmy. He was a freed man looking for gold. All he had in his wagon was a blanket, some water and a guitar. He was amazing on guitar; one of the best I have heard. I told him about our family and how we did not have a lot of money at all and were struggling to live. I also told him about our three sons. He then asked me were I was going and I asked him were he was going. He asked me why and I told him where I am going.

He said, "Oh, you look like you should get some sleep." I said ok and went to sleep.

When I woke up we were in dead wood. At a mountain called the big mountain of rock and dirt. We stated to dig with shovels then they broke on some rocks. So with mine and jimmies money combined we had 15.00$. So we brought some picks and dynamite then we started to blow away the rocks that broke the shovels. The mountain blew up and a rock hit jimmy and broke his leg. We had no more money for a doctor so I tried to treat myself. I put him in the wagon and road off to the next mountain but on the way we had to stop because it was getting late that night. The ground started to shake and I looked out and saw a heard of buffalo heading our way so I quickly got the horses up and went the opposite way of the buffalo then one of the horses clasped on to the ground and I quickly grabbed jimmy and jumped on the other horse and detached the wagon and as I watched the wagon get trampled by thousands of buffalo in till it was just dust the buffalo were so close that I could touch them then after a few hours of running they stopped it was about two in the morning when



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