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The Man Who Counted

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Essay Preview: The Man Who Counted

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*Chapter one*

A meeting of the minds



GIFT- none

*Chapter 2*

Someone to count on



GIFT- None

*Chapter 3*

Beasts of my burden

PROBLEM- 3 brothers had 35 camels they had to distribute where the oldest got half, the middle one-third, and the youngest one-ninth, but there was an uneven amount of camels.

SOLVED- The man who counted added Hanak's camel to the bunch, so the number of camels can be more easily divided.

GIFT- In the end the gift received was an extra camel.

*Chapter 4*

Food for thought

PROBLEM- Beremiz and Hanak run into a rich Sheik who was wounded and Hungry. He promised Beremiz and Hanak that if they shared their bread with him he would pay them back with 8 pieces of gold when they got back to Baghdad. At Baghdad the Sheik was going to pay them back but Beremiz noticed that the math wasn't right.

SOLVED- Beremiz made a calculation showing how the Sheik should pay him and Hanak back.

GIFT- Beremiz was made into the Vizier's secretary.

*Chapter 5*

In many words

PROBLEM- At the Golden Goose Inn the innkeeper, Salim made a deal with a Jeweler and said that if the jeweler sold all hid jewels for 100 dinars he would pay 20 dinars for his lodgings but If he sold them for 200 then he would pay 35 for the lodgings. But the Jeweler ended up selling them for 140 dinars so now the Innkeeper didn't know how much the jeweler owed him,

SOLVED- Beremiz then made a calculation correcting both the men telling the Jeweler he owed the Innkeeper 26 dinars.

GIFT- The Jeweler gave Beremiz a gold ring.

*Chapter 6*Trial by numbers

PROBLEM- Both the men went to the house of the Vizier and met a poet who didn't believe in what the man who counted could do.

SOLVE: The Vizier made a test for the man who counted. He told him to count his collection of camels.GIFT: Hanak got a job as scribe.

*Chapter 7*

Going to the market

PROBLEM: The men go to the market place and enter to a store called The Four Fours. In the store the store keeper told the man who counted about hi problem with the 50 dinars.

SOLVED: The man who counted told him a way to solve the problem of the 50 dinars.

GIFT: His gift was a blue turban.

*Chapter 8 *

Seventh heaven

PROBLEM: Beremiz and Hanak go to meet the Sheik and his friends the sheep rearers. The sheep rearers had a problem with a payment for a small flock of sheep they received for a quantity of wine in 21 identical casks. 7 full, 7 half full, and 7 empty. They then wanted to divide the wine so that they all each receive the same amount of wine.

OTHER PROBLEM: they also had a problem of paying the bill because there was a missing dinar.

SOLVED: The Man who counted found a way of dividing the wine evenly. The first getting 3 full casks, 1 half full, and 3 empty. The second and third would get 2 full casks, 3 half full casks, and 2 empty.

OTHER SOLVED: The man who counted assured everyone that nothing was

GIFT: no gift

*Chapter 9*

In the stars

PROBLEM: Lezid comes to Beremiz with a problem with his daughter who had to learn the properties of numbers and their many working possibilities.

SOLVED: Beremiz took the job in teaching Lezid's daughter the workings of math and geometry and algebra,

GIFT: none

*Chapter 10*

Bird in the Hand

PROBLEM: Tara Tir is a mean man who questions Beremiz about his counting gift so he asked Beremiz how many birds were in that cage.

SOLVED: Beremiz studied the cage and after taking three birds out he came out with the sum of 496.

GIFT: Lezid frees all the birds in the cage and they all get to hear a beautiful song.

*Chapter 11*

For Good Measure

Beremiz just give his first lesson of math. There is no problem, no solution, and no gift.

*Chapter 12*

Circular reasoning

PROBLEM: Harim (one of the here brothers they met in the desert) appeared. He had a problem with 60 melons that no one could solve.

SOLVED: Beremiz helped his figure out the problem by telling him how to figure it out.GIFT: none

*Chapter 13*

Friendship knows no Bounds

In this chapter there is not absolute problem.

*Chapter 14*

An Eternal Truth

PROBLEM: There was 2 slave girls who were dancing around, they both looked identical and no one could tell them apart. After solving this problem the Vizier Nahum becomes jealous and says that all the little problems that Beremiz is solving are all pointless and not important.

SOLVED: With the problem of the twin dancing slaves Beremiz just counts the skirts ruffles that they were wearing and he can tell them apart one has 309 and the other 312. With the problem with Nahum, Beremiz just makes a speech and says that math is one of the eternal truths.

GIFT: Respect from the king.




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