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The Man Behind The Sermon

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Aleksandr Menn

After reading this man's story I began to consider my own faith. I know a martyr is someone who dies for their faith in Jesus Christ. But this man's story seemed to have an added element to it. Not only did he his faith cause his death but it brought about many to eternal life. This man was able to bring faith to many through his words. I consider anyone who can be a public speaker to be talented and bringing people to God is an amazing gift. In a time of mistrust and uncertainty this man was certain about one thing - Jesus Christ.

Menn was able to touch many lives. Through his sermons, lectures, writings and his story. I was touched by his line "martyrs who have lived"(pg 28). I think it is interesting how people make comments about while they are living that tie into their death. It remineded me of a girl at my school who died in a car accidednt. That day she had told her friends that she wished to walk where no one else had. Her life too passed on a message for driving saftely. Though every death is sad those that are able to accomplish something are truley a gift from God. Even though the good die young something special is brought about in their deaths that helps to ease the pain. Menn's message will be carried on and more will be brought to God due to his death. For me his story makes me examine my own faith. It makes me want to deepen it so that I too will not fear death but instead be reassured of ever lasting life.



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