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The Killer Angels

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Essay Preview: The Killer Angels

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"Abigail Adams: A revolutionary American Woman," is a biography about the life of the wife of the second president of the United States, Abigail Adams. The story starts off telling the readers about Abigail's childhood. It then talks about how she met her soon to be husband and 2nd president of the United States, John Adams. Abigail and John eventually get married and have five children, one of which dies at the age of two. Abigail has to pretty much single handedly raise four kids because John is never home. Abigail does have the help of a few servants though. Later in Abigail's life, she and her daughter Nabby went to England and France with John. They lived there for a few years. After their stay in England they moved back to America where things had changed for the worse. The people that had once agreed with each other had now turned against one another. After coming back to America the Adams' came face to face with many diseases. They were forced to move many times because of diseases. Abigail became very sick many times and was forced to bleed herself. Abigail would go visit Nabby very often in New York. When John became president in 1785 Abigail was forced to move to Philadelphia with her husband in the President's Mansion. After disease threatened Philadelphia many times, they moved back and fourth from Quincy to Philadelphia. When John's presidency was over, the Adams' focused on their marriage. One could say they caught up on all the lost time. In 1818, Abigail Adams died of natural causes in her home in Quincy, Massachusetts.

There were many issues in this book that I thought were very wrong. One of those issues was the marriage of Abigail and John. Abigail was forced to raise four kids by herself. She did have the help of a few servants, but did not have hardly any help from the children's father. John was never there for any of his children's births. It was almost like he did not want to be there, because every time Abigail went into labor, John had just left for business. John was away for over six years of their marriage. For these six years, John was in Europe. Although they were separated for such a long period of time, they still managed to have a very good marriage. Their only way of communication in this time period was through letters. Sometimes Abigail would write letters to John and he would not respond for a time period up to a year. Even though she had no idea if John was alive or dead, she still had faith in their marriage, and in the end, their marriage worked out fine.

Another issue concerning the John and Abigail Adams was that John would ask Abigail for political advice, and listen to the advice that she would give him. This is such a critical



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