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The Killer Angels.

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Essay Preview: The Killer Angels.

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At least once in a lifetime you will read a book that captures your heart, acquires your brain and moves your soul. For me, this books is The Killer Angels by Michael Shaara. The setting is a small town in Pennsylvania named Gettysburg; June 29 through July 3, 1863.

In conspectus, the Civil War was based on freedom and preserving the rights of the states. Both sides had their individual way of life. One common misconception is that the war was based solely on slavery. On the contrary, the issue wasn't confronted until the third year. All Buster Kilrain wanted was to level the social playing field. After reading this book the thought of satisfaction was brought to my mind.

As the story began with the spy, Harrison, warning General Lee of the Union Army's bearings I felt anxious of the upcoming battle and it's testimony's of the witnesses. With the termination of the novel I was in a state of awe. I admit I shed a tear in cogitation of the 53,000 men that sacrificed their lives within an abrupt span of three days. It was fun to pick up on some of the irony buried in the tragedy. Such as how Chamberlain's men reacted to finding a runaway slave since their fighting to free men like him.

As if you didn't know, there is a fierce war raging in the Middle East momentarily in which we are fighting. This book touched home because I know people that have fought and thankfully survived. I understand not all are so lucky. Many important phrases were said. Some of the more reconitionable being the words that named the book. When chamberlain quotes Shakespere, "What a piece of work is a man... in action how like an angel." He then goes on to say, "Man the Killer Angel." Lastly, after the battle he feels so connected to all the men, sides disregarded, he concludes that at least in the sight of God, they are all equal now.

For some reason unexplained I feel oddly connected to Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain. There's no wonder however, why he is my favorite character. He's against slavery just as I and believes all men are equal. I adore how he says each possesses a "divine spark" that makes a man. I'm also guilty of not being cogiznant of what I possess until it is gone. He realizes he loves his wife more when he's away. He's respectable for sincere dedication and his patriotism for his country. He risked everything as he charged down the hill that day and proved to be victorious. I don't know how he plugged a hole in the line with his brother. I'd never have half the guts he portrays.

Lee is no coward and in my opinion made the right decision at the time to hold his bearings and repulse the Union. He showed optimism when waterloo encompassed.

One way I resemble Longstreet is that we both despise Stewart. Old, flamboyant Stuart that while instead of serving as cavalry was too busy becoming famous in the papers. Moreover, he controls his bottled up feelings of grief due to his loss of children until his "alone time." It had to have been difficult but he could have lost control of his men with indications of weakness.

Shaara captured every fiber of the characters and thrust them to life. How did he allow you to feel the sweat dripping off your back in the heat of the day, actually plug your nose to the stench of death, flinch at the sound of firing muskets, hear drums rolling and men shouting and see the never ending hills in the distance? Not a detail is left unaccounted for. He switches point-of-view directing you to feel connected to more than one character. I felt privileged to meet their fears, desires, and where they came from.

The pinnacle of the novel is on the second day when supplies ran short on Lew and he formed a flamboyant charge



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