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The Importance Of Sexual Education

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Title X is a Federal program designed to issue contraceptives

and health awareness to anyone in need and puts low income

persons ahead of the list. Title X clinics are known for giving

teenagers contraceptives without parental consent which is

cause for alarm according to those against the program. While

Title X is one of the most controversial programs, Title X

provides much needed family planning services that have

lowered the number of unwanted pregnancies and offers teens

sexually transmitted disease counseling and testing. The

positive aspects of sex education programs should not be


In recent years, it has become common knowledge that

teenagers have a high pregnancy and STD rate. A major factor

is, teens lack the knowledge in knowing how to shield

themselves against sexual activity. If teens are made aware of

how to prevent the risks associated with sex, the number of

pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases would lower.

Sex education programs are focusing on all education levels of

children to make them and their parents more cautious of the

situation. However, there are several arguments against sex

education in schools and clinics.

Sex education is a subject that has become increasingly

important for all age groups of growing children. Unfortunately,

parents are not always equipped to guide their teens. With sex

education programs generating awareness, teenagers have the

ability to protect themselves. In order to do this, teens need to

be educated about the perils of sexual activity. They also need

to know about contraceptive choices and STD prevention.

There is such a high degree of exposure to various concepts

a youth would not understand. Even though teens are aware of

the world around them, there are still many aspects of life they

need to learn. Sex is an issue that needs be dealt with carefully

because young adults are constantly exposed to it.

Sex is a fundamental issue that the youth need to be alerted of

because there is such a great deal that is exposed but not

understood. Young people have no idea how harmful it is to be

ignorant of the facts regarding sex. This is why sex education is

so important. Teens need to be shown all the facts and left to

make their own decisions. Parents may want to have constant

control but as a child grows in this fast-paced world, that

becomes harder to accomplish.

Some parents and religious people are reluctant to accept

programs like Title X because they feel sex education is the

responsibility of the parent. With out a doubt that is a

reasonable point of view. Some say Title X teaches children it is

all right to engage in premarital sex. Another problem some

have with Title X is that teens can receive contraceptives and

abortions without parental consent. Parents feel the

government is taking away their rights and responsibilities but

not every parent has open communication with their child.

Where is a teen to go when there is no open communication or

a Title X program?

Those against sex education programs prefer abstinence

only programs. Abstinence education encourages teens to

delay sex until marriage. These programs do not provide

contraceptives or discuss their use. Their point being, not

having sex is the most effective way to keep from becoming

pregnant or contracting an STD. Because sex education

programs teach safe sex, abstinence promoters feel sex

education programs condone sexual activity.

Abstinence only programs have started what is called the

Virginity Pledge to evaluate the result of abstinence programs.

This program is used to discourage 7th to 12th graders from

sexual activity. Young teens make a formal pledge to wait until

marriage before engaging in sex and sign a card that states

their pledge. Sexual activity among students went down one

fourth the level of teens that hadn't taken the pledge.

Not Me, Not Now is another program designed to teach

children to abstain from sexual activity. This program was

formed in Monroe County, New York but reached teens across

the country. Not Me, Not Now used the media to send out their

message of abstinence. The use of radio, Television and

billboards was used to reach teen listeners.



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