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The Impact Of Religin Upon International Politics

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The topic "The impact of religions upon international politics" consists in the combination and the interdependence of religion and international politics. To be able to discuss the subject and in doing so to be precise I would like first to classify the historical context or rather define the time Ð'- frame.

International policy is as a branch of international relations which deals with relations and organisaton of foreign, security and peace policy. It regulates the relations with the other states (inter/national) non governmental and international organisation - UNO, Worldbank IWF. Therefore in the concept of international politics - souvereign states appears as the main actors. " So long as the major states are the major actors the structure of the internatonal politics defined in terms by them". To find out the beginning, pont in timeÐ'- from which on we speek about internatonal politics - one could ask what makes a state (on a base of which internatonal policy as a phenomenon exist Ð'- above mentioned) and since what time to do the states exist. Then we would have to find a concept of the state or take the assistance of already existing theories of a state as an institution e.g. Ð'- Bodin, Machiavelli, Jellinek, Weber, Schmitt. Thinking about the theories was already done by others. We, here will take the acknoweledged fact - that after the Westphalian Peace in 1648 the international system was estableshed as a multilateral- state system.


Prior to this treaty European medieval organization was based on hierarchical religious order. Therefore Westphalia not only instituted the legal concept of sovereignty, but normalized the principle of equity between states and the principle of non-intervention of one state in the internal affairs of another state, as well as define a determining factor of state governance separation of religion. The origin of the inernational relations and hence the politics originated from rejecting religion. Also later we were influenced by social scholars e.g. Durkheim or Weber, who opinion accordnig religion was that it has decling force in the world and would disappear. Also in the 1950's and 1960's scientists believed that ethnicity and religion will reduce their significaence due to the modernisation of the world.

The funny thing about this thesis is that they are absolutly correct but at the same



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