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The Impact Of Domestic Violence Against Women In Tanzania

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Essay Preview: The Impact Of Domestic Violence Against Women In Tanzania

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Context of the Problem

Women's violence is a main problem in Tanzania and this paper will describe, possible impact brought by domestic violence to women of Tanzania. Women experience the violation such as raping, beating, threats and involuntary prostitution.

Few years ago woman violation was not a major issue in the society, and this is because of the social approach towards women, where by men were given more priorities in the system of education and labor force in the society than women, and this led to the undermined of the women in a society. But this issue has become an international matter of valuable or concern, now the internationals are focused on gender base and violent against women has been given the first priority in the whole world and this has helped to improve the situation not only in Tanzania but the whole Africa.

Violence against women it is not a major problem only in Tanzania, but it is worldwide problem, "violence against women," said then-UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan in 1999, "knows no boundaries of geography, culture or wealth. It is perhaps the most shameful human rights violation." And, he added, it is "perhaps the most pervasive"

In Tanzania women have been subjected to domestic violence in different situations and ways many women found them self doing things that they never wished to do such as, forced prostitution, this is when a women is engage in sexy activities un willingly in exchange of basic needs such a food cloth or shelter, men use their bodies to satisfy their needs in exchange of the basic needs.

In Tanzania women have been subjected in domestic violence difference situations in many situations, According to LaShawn R. Jefferson, "The absence of an appropriate policy guiding on staff on how to respond to domestic violence against women in remains a serious problem that has far reaching consequences beyond Tanzania," At present, the simply suggestion that is given by the UNHCR's is the guiding principle suggested to its workers not to disregard issues of domestic violence.

The government has also been criticized several times by the Human rights, for its slow reaction and infective. The government of Tanzania has the obligation to protect its nation against domestic violence and sexual violence.

For those who have been trapped in families where domestic violence abounds there is a lasting memory on both the spouse and the children. If a question was to be put across to all children who have seen their fathers physically abusing theirs mother it leaves a lasting impression that's walks with them to the grave. Domestic violence has turned out to be a major crisis especial in developing countries. This projects will evaluates the impact of domestic violence against women and its implication. We highlight the situation in Tanzania where there has been a rise in domestic violence against women folk

It also deals with the ability of affected women to fight for their rights, such behaviors also brought about permanent psychological problem among girls and women in the society of Tanzania that's includes the children

The domestic Violence starts from the family level. This is where by the other partner of the family (in this case the father) dominates the other partner (wife ), therefore the one who is the most intimate person in one's life causes domestic violence, which includes isolation of the victim, economic abuse, intimidation, and threats.

There are differences types of domestic violence, raping, emotional, physical and sexual abuse are types of domestic violence. Physical assault is among the most common violation in Tanzania. This is where by men beats their wives, and this is due to the beliefs that, once a men gets married to a wife and he has paid the dowry, the women becomes his property and he can do anything he wishes to do. No matter what form the domestic violence comes in, it still a criminal act this includes the physical assault, or sexual abuse.

Domestic violence has wide ranging and sometimes leads to permanent impact to the whole society in general and not to women alone. The impacts are both physical and psychological; nevertheless it has taken too long for the Government of Tanzania to recognize this.

Women who are the majority victims, they go through a critical condition sometimes to a hidden social problem as most of them are not willing to reveal what is happening / or what had happen before. They die silently with their own problem believing it happens only to them, this belief is a far cry from the ground reality, where more than two thirds of married women affected in under developed and developing countries; where Tanzania is no exception.

In Tanzania women have been subjected to domestic violence in different situations and ways many women found them self doing things that they never wished to do such as engaging in forced prostitution (this is where a woman engages in sexual activities against her own will) in exchange of basic needs such a food cloth or shelter.

According to a survey which was done by WHO (World Health Organization), several women who contribute in the study they believed that a man have a right to beat his wife in certain situation, for instance when a wife refuse to have sex with the husband, when she becomes disloyal, or when she misbehave.

From the survey by WHO, they also found that "violence affects millions of women in Africa. In a 2005 study on women's health and domestic violence, the WHO found that 50 per cent of women in Tanzania and 71 per cent of women in Ethiopia's rural areas reported beatings or other forms of violence by husbands or other intimate partners" women.html

Forced sex is common in Tanzania and this is a typical example of domestic violence due to this, the number of people with (STD) has increased this includes HIV, AIDS. Children under age of 6 yrs are being tested positive. And this puts young women into a risk of HIV and sexual transmitted diseases than men.

Social and traditions factors in Tanzania, kept women mainly in danger with the violence directed to them, and this is because there is no gender equality between men and woman. Gender equality includes economical and social forces. And also in the family where by power belongs to a husband only, and not to both partners there for the traditional factors in Tanzania denies women and children and indirectly has supported the domestic violation of women in the country. Statement of the problem When a person is doing research on this topic, it's not easy to get the complete information, and get correct statistics about



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