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Domestic Violence

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Essay Preview: Domestic Violence

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Domestic violence is a widespread problem that occurs among all ages, genders, races, educational backgrounds, and socioeconomic groups.

People might ask how do you identify domestic violence because they are confused if it is happening to them or others they know. Here are some general questions one can ask to determine if domestic violence is actually occurring: When you argue or fight at home, what happens? Do you ever change your behavior because you are afraid of the consequences of a fight? Do you feel that your partner or spouse treats you well? Is there anything that goes on at home that makes you feel afraid? Has your partner or spouse ever hurt or threatened you or your children? Has your partner or spouse ever put their hands on you against your will? Has your partner or spouse ever forced you to do something you did not want to do? Does your partner or spouse criticize you or your children a lot? These are only a few questions one can ask to determine if domestic violence is present. There are many questions and ways one can identify domestic violence.

A leading domestic violence that is occurring in America today is child molestation. Many of the child molestation cases are hidden from the public, ironically with the help of the law. Many child molestation cases also go unreported. Although most cases of child molestation have not received widespread media attention, the issue of repressed memory and child abuse has. When a wrongfully, horrific crime like child abuse is committed, a child tends to lose focus mentally and physically. Sociologically, the child feels manipulated, not knowing what is his or her current state or function in society. The child will be scarred for life, and nightmares of the tragedy will haunt them forever. Psychologically, no matter how much help one gets in facing his or her problem, the fear of the tragedy arising again always stay hidden, stuck in the back of his or her mind. With the fear being hidden in the back of one's mind, there is absolutely no way that the tragedy will ever diminish completely. The thought of it happening again will always recur.

Child molestation, like other capital offenses such as murder, carries a maximum sentence of life behind bars. No one can really explain the reasons of why child molestation



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