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The Hypothesis...

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Chapter 1

Questions about creativity were proposed in this chapter. Creativity can be viewed as making a unique product and creativity is the process of doing. All children are creative but not all are labeled as gifted. This is due to how has been nurtured. Some children have had their creativity nurtured, others have not. Children of high intelligence who also who also demonstrate high creativity are labeled gifted. Creativity as a set of environmental conditions forms environment conditions that provide potential obstacles it creativity, which are: Parents, school, sex roles, society, culture, and tradition. The home environment is a critical factor in a child's development of creativity. Creativity can also be compared and contrasted with intelligence. It has sometimes been wrongly, assumed that a high IQ is needed to be creative. A high IQ says something about intelligence, but it cannot guarantee high creativity. We should not put down children's creativity. They are a national asset. Allow them to do things in their own way.

Chapter 6

Children's art should be appreciated rather than be explained. There are many theories that have tried to explain children's art. There are six explanations: Physical that your children lack motor coordination and controls. Emotional, children draw what has emotional value to them. Perceptual, children rely on their perceptions to draw. Cognitive, children draw what they know; general development is a more global explanation that incorporates social, cultural, personality and environmental factors as well as elements of former explanations. Cognitive development, Artistic expressions, at least in part, a cognitive developmental theory such as Piagets should explain the development of child art. Kellogg's stages move from scribbling to placement, shape design and pictorial. Lagerfeld and Britilans



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