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The House

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The Owens- Thomson House

The Owens-Thomson House was established for a man named Richard Richardson in 1819. Richardson only lived in the estate for a short time period and then it was sold to the Owens family for $10,000.

When I was walking threw the house it really made me realize how much things have changed threw the years. The first thing you see in the house are the slave quarters, with a bright blue ceiling also known as "hate ceilings". Slaves once believed if you painted your ceilings, around door frames and windows with this unique blue paint it would keep them safe from evil spirts. The slave quarters just blew my mind. It's so hard to believe that people have been bought and forced to work and then they still feel as if they need to protect themselves from evil spirits.

Walking threw the house was interesting, you were able to see just how much the world has changed threw the centuries. The uniquely designed curved walls and curved doors were very neat. I was able to see how in the past they built everything to be adjacent to each other. Things have changed so much since this house was built, but this house really made me wonder if those changes were all for the good. When I saw this house you could really tell that a lot of time and hard work went into building this house. Now days they throw houses up left and right, and really pay no attention to the details.

The house and also the surrounding town helped to show me how much Savannah has advanced. The Owens-Thomson house had a few original pieces and also a lot of pieces shipped in. The tour guide was telling us they tracked an original item by its owners original name which shows you how much our technology from there time has progressed. When you look at there water system and drainage system you really see how time has changed. They used rain water



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