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The Healthcare System

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The first thing that came to mind was the old saying "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it". That is the sole reason of why it is very important. At this time and stage in the healthcare system we cannot afford to go backwards and in order to move forward to improve anything you have to know what has been done and what has or hasn't worked. Mistakes cause errors and errors cause delays and delays could possibly cause death or chronic illness to anyone. Healthcare is evolving at an alarming rate when it comes to available services. A decade ago commonplace terms such as exploratory surgery, cholecystectomy, pelvimetry seem a little barbaric now considering the commonplace terms of today such as medical imaging, colonoscopy, and diagnostic heart catheters which are losing ground too to non-invasive procedures.

Such new exams have shaped the present healthcare system. History teaches and what it has taught us is how other obscure discoveries have brought vast changes. In 1941 penicillin was discovered and it totally changed medical care and patterns of disease that threatened humanity. In 1896 X-ray was discovered by Roentgen. The largest revenue entity in the healthcare system today is medical imaging. So, here we see the potential impact that any change could possibly have. Of course these patterns will change again sometime in the future which can lead new and different conditions. When this does happen, different services and interventions may be required. A cycle is what it is; this industry will have to continue to explore all its potential at all times, learning from past errors of course.

Even with healthcare rising from different facets it is going to be difficult to see where the next evolution may occur. Detecting anything at earlier stages is helping control the disease process better. There is current development of pre-cancer tracer's through the breakthrough



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