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Can You Imagine a Healthcare System Where You Get a Good Bang for Your Buck?

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Essay Preview: Can You Imagine a Healthcare System Where You Get a Good Bang for Your Buck?

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Can you imagine a healthcare system where you get a good bang for your buck?

The United States spends over $9,000 per capita on healthcare, and almost $4 trillion as a country each year. In spite of this massive spending, progress is far from evident, with preventable diseases running rampant, battering down life expectancy to a mere 42nd in the world.

In Japan, things are different

Japan has the highest life expectancy out of largely populated countries, at a shocking 84.5 years. Health care is universal too, but they still don’t overspend! Japan pays $2800 on healthcare per capita, less than 1/3 of what the U.S. spends!

So, how do they do it?

Japan combines many different strategies to maintain the highest level of health. Healthy lifestyle choices play a huge factor. Eating healthy is embedded into the culture, and exercise is commonplace. In addition, the Japanese are some of the best disease preventers on the planet, since they wear masks when they are sick and visit the doctor early and often to spot a disease before it becomes a serious problem.

How do they keep the cost down?

A key difference in the Japanese healthcare system is that prices for everything from checkups to intensive surgeries are determined by a government committee for all hospitals and clinics in the country, private or public. This keeps health care costs affordable for patients. In addition, the government is generous in paying for healthcare, always covering at least 70% of the bill.

Why choose Rising Sun Inc?

Rising sun healthcare soars far beyond its competitors by combining



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