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The Great Migration

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The Great Migration

The Great Migration was about 6 million African Americans that left the South for the North which they call the Great Migration. Until 1910, more than 90 percent of the African-American population lived in the American South.There are a few reasons African Americans went to the North.African Americans left the south because they were being treated unfairly. “Life in the south was still very difficult for many African Americans.” This means African American life in the south was difficult and that they were still facing racism. Opportunities in the North great more for African Americans. “Black-owned newspapers spread the news about job opportunities in the North.” This means that African Americans would be able to get jobs without facing racism. Due to African Americans moving to the north they had a better life. “Most migrants found jobs and these jobs paid much better than in any in the south.African American children were expected to attend school. This means African Americans had a better life sense they moved to the north and so do their children. African American then became slaves no more. “African Americans created their own community”. This means that even though they had a troubled past they still managed to stay strong and live on. So in conclusion African Americans had to move to the north due to racism in the south. So they built a new community for themselves and also got better job opportunities and their children got a better social life along with better school life.



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