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The Great Gatsby

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Essay Preview: The Great Gatsby

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It is a really great honor to have this opportunity to share my interest with grade 9, so now I’m gonna briefly introduce myself. My name is Selina Luan, I’m 14 years old. I dwell in the capital of China- Beijing, and my hometown is Shenyang which located at southeast part of china. I was in a private international school in Beijing. I’m the only child in my family, and I have two cute little teddy bear dogs.

For my part, dance is my favorite campus activity, both inside and outside school. I have participated in the dance program at Grier about one year. Although I didn’t touch it for a long time, it has occupied most of my time. I tried all kinds of style. I’m good at hiphop and Jazz. This year I begin to touch Ballet and get familiar with the basic technique, and I believe I’ll do better and better.

When it refers to book, I definitely love a book called three days to see. In this article Helen Keller presented her positive optimistically personalities against all the odds. She possesses special longings for the future and leaded a life full of hopes. The reasons why I love this book it’s because of this book teacher us to cherish our life, everyday is full of happiness and this book make me understand that a person’s success lies not in his life, but in the sprit of struggle. I learn a lot from it and it encourage me a lot. I learnt how to be strong, how to be optimistic, and a sprit called never give up.

My favorite band is BEYOND. I like the band very much. Because BEYOND is one of the most popular band in China. There are four peoples in it. All of them looks like very cool. Their songs have a really strong beat. So when I listen to their songs, I’m full of enthusiasm and I also move with the beat. In HongKong, this band are known as “The greatest band in China”. The one of the bank member was died, people in HongKong respect this rock band and remember them as a music legend.



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