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The Great Gatsby

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Essay Preview: The Great Gatsby

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The book, The Great Gatsby, was written by F. Scott Fitzgerald. The book has a definite plot line, and the details are very well defined. Everything in the book fits together well. The movie on the other hand, has some continuity errors.

The movie follows the same plot line as the book, but the movie leaves out some details and events that are in the book, and has details and events that didn't occur in the book. One example is when Nick meets Myrtle. Another example is when Tom, Nick, and Myrtle are driving through New York, where they stop and what they do changes significantly.

When Tom suggests that he and Nick should drive to New York for the day, Nick reluctantly accepts. This detail is consistent in both the book and the movie, but one big difference is the Valley of Ashes. In the book, it is described as if it is somewhat barren. In the movie, it is somewhat developed with buildings and roads, granted most are abandoned. When Tom and Nick get to Mr. Wilson's garage, the small events that happen there vary slightly. Small things such as the cost of the gas, the conversation order, and what is discussed.

While driving through New York, Tom and Nick pick up Myrtle. In both the book and the movie, the greeting is the same, but the soon to follow events were different. While driving, Myrtle sees a man on the side of the road selling puppies. She tells Tom to buy her one. He doesn't want to, but since he is wrapped around her finger, he stops and they get swindled. First they try to buy a "police dog" but the guy tells them he has something better. He hands them an Airdale Terrier. When Tom asks if it is a male or female, the man says it is a male, and Tom spouts off, "It's a Bitch!" The difference here between the book and the movie, is that this didn't happen in the movie, this event was completely skipped.

Later, there is a party at an apartment Myrtle



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