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The Great Gatsby

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Essay Preview: The Great Gatsby

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The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby is often considered to be a masterpiece in regards of American Literature for its outstanding examples of symbolism, and representation of the time period in which the book was written. F. Scott Fitzgerald's articulate and descriptive method of writing allowed the book to stand the test of time, while retaining the uniqueness of 1920's style of writing. All of these elements, along with an easy to fallow storyline, are what make the book such a classical piece of work.

One of the most recurring literary themes throughout the book is symbolism. There are various examples of how Fitzgerald used symbolism to create a deeper meaning in certain situations. Probably the most recognizable example of symbolism is the billboard in the valley of ashes that shows the faded away eyes of Dr. T.J. Eckleburg, a long forgotten doctor trying to boost his business. The eyes represent the ever present eyes of God watching your every move, and always judging your fate. The valley of ashes themselves are a use of symbolism in the way that they represent all of the downsides of becoming wealthy. Also this seams to be where all of the decadent events of the book take place, such as Myrtle being run downed and killed by the car that Daisy and Gatsby are driving. One of the most important uses of symbolism in the book was the green light across the bay that marked Daisy's dock. The first appearance of Gatsby in the book is an image of him standing near the coast, trembling arms outstretched, as to be trying to reach an object that is just out of reach. Many see this as a symbol for try to accomplish the American dream, and trying to obtain all of your desirers, much like Gatsby trying to obtain Daisy.

Another one of the major recurring theme throughout the book is that of the American Dream. The American Dream, which says that through hard work and determination you will be able to achieve wealth, shows its self many times in the book, like when it is used as symbolism with Daisy's green dock light. But, the book gives examples of what Fitzgerald sees as the



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