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The Great Gatsby Chapter 5

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Essay Preview: The Great Gatsby Chapter 5

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At the beginning of chapter 5, Nick is on his way home from the city when he sees Gatsby's house lit up. He does not see or hear anybody in the house, but suddenly he catches sight of Gatsby coming across the lawn. Gatsby and Nick have a conversation about when they can next hang out, because Nick is too tired to do anything that day; he is going to call Daisy to invite her over for tea. Gatsby suggests he wait a few days, so he can cut Nick's grass. Gatsby attempted to help Nick earn extra cash by doing a small business on the side, since Nick does not make much; Nick turns him down, and says he it too busy.

The day Gatsby, Nick, and Daisy agreed upon was a rainy one. Gatsby sends someone over in the morning to cut Nick's yard, and Gatsby sends over a greenhouse. Around three o'clock in the afternoon, Gatsby comes to Nick's house dressed nicely, but is extremely nervous about the date with Daisy. He was sleep deprived and could hardly function. They prepare for Daisy's arrival. A little while later, the rain calms down, and around four o'clock Daisy arrives.

Daisy looks gorgeous and is anxious to find out why she was invited to tea at Nick's house. When the two of them walk into the living room, Gatsby is nowhere in sight. Gatsby had walked around the outside of the house, and knocked on the door. When Nick opened the door, he found Gatsby scared as a mouse, standing in a puddle of water. Gatsby enters the living room to see Daisy, leaving Nick in the hallway. This first encounter builds Gatsby's nerves. He becomes so nervous, he knocks down Nick's antique clock.

The three characters sit down for tea, attempting to keep a conversation going. After Nick excuses himself, Gatsby follows telling Nick that tea with Daisy was a mistake. Nicks makes Gatsby go back to Daisy and leaves them alone for awhile. When he returns, the sun is out and Gatsby and Daisy are happy.



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