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The Great Depression

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On May 9th, 2007 my family's happiness turned upside down. I was at the pond out in

Swansboro with my brother, Drew, and my mom, Dena. My brother and I were

having a great time having fun in the pond until my mom got a phone call.

It was my dad. She could barely hear him because there was limited phone service. All


could hear was him crying. My mom kept on saying, "What's wrong? What's wrong?"

She finally got a good signal and she heard the most horrible words she has ever heard.


was a moment of silence as my mom's eyes got big and wide. She started to yell. Wait

what... WHERE'S MY SON? WHERE'S MY SON?" and the signal was lost. She


freaking out and crying really bad. Drew and I just stood there looking at her. She yelled

,"Get in the car!" we continued to stand there looking at her all confused. She screamed

again, "NOW!!"

"MOM, what's wrong? what's wrong?" I asked as we climbed into the car. I started to

cry as she told us the news. Drew just sat stiff as a board.

We rushed home, and put on dry clothes.

When I was in my room my brother's phone went off and I heard him

talking, " Matt, I can't talk right now I think my brother might be dead," he said in a

crying voice. We ran to the car and my mom got in and called my dad back. He said that

Tyler had been air flighted to the Modesto Hospital. "Where are you? She asked him."

"I'm almost to the hospital; he replied. She

hung up and called the Modesto Hospital. The

doctor said that he couldn't tell her anything over the phone. My dad called my mom

back an said " Tyler is in a

comma, broke his left hip, lost some blood in his brain, and he cannot move the left

side of his body."

My mom and dad started to cry with each other. They were full of

emotion. My mom said through her tears, " I will call you when I get to the hospital, ok."

She started

the car and we rushed down to the hospital like lighting. It took us two hours to get to the

hospital. When we finally got there and I saw my dad, I jumped out of the car ran up to

him and held on

to him! Then I started to cry. "Is he ok?" he replied, " He doesn't look so good Rye" in a

crying voice. I said " I want to see him, I want to see him now!" We started to walk into

the waiting room on the first floor and I saw my older brother Ren. I ran up to him and he

would not let go of me. The guard at the door said "Only Tyler's parents and siblings

can se him right now." My dad said," That's all of us" an we started are way up to

Tyler's room.

While we were walking up to Tyler's room I saw my cousins, Taylor and

Emily. I ran up to them and squeezed them so tight. Of course it made me cry even more

than I was

before. I asked Taylor where he was and she told me to follow her. As well I did. I finally

got up to the third floor where Tyler was and I saw a whole bunch of people in the


room. There were at least 80 people there to see Tyler. I saw my dad squished in a corner

and I moved my way through the waiting room to get to him. I asked," Can I see Tyler

now?" Wait until your mom comes out of the emergency room, then you can."

I waited

for 10 minutes and she finally came out. She said, "Your brother can't really breathe so


have a tube down his throat." I said, " I don't know if I can see him like that. "You

don't have to if you don't want to sweetie" but I did anyway. We walked into his room



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