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The Golden Girls

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Essay Preview: The Golden Girls

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Picture it: Miami, 1985. Four women from different walks of life with seemingly nothing in common decide to move in together. These strangers couldn't be more dissimilar: A sweet naÐ"Їve Minnesotan, a sex-crazed Southern Belle, a cynical husky-voiced substitute teacher and her mother, a crazy little Italian munchkin. No one could see how these four souls would successfully live under one roof, but they decided to give it a try as they were all in a pinch for somewhere to stay. The truth is, at first all Hell broke loose and it seemed clear that they were just too different to share one house. But one thing led to another and soon enough they were sitting around their kitchen table, laughing, gossiping and sharing, you guessed it, a cheesecake. These four women eventually became the best of friends, despite all their differences. They came to be known all over the world as The Golden Girls.

You would be hard-pressed to find another television show whose characters had more chemistry than The Golden Girls. Although they were all so different, they were as close as sisters. Bea Arthur played the sarcastic and wry Dorothy Zbornak, who spoke with a deep voice and stood at a staggering 5 foot 10. She always had a smart remark to say about anything and anyone. Betty White played Rose Nylund, the carefree blonde from St. Olaf with a heart of gold. Rose, to put it bluntly, wasn't exactly the sharpest tool in the shed and you had better believe Dorothy had lots to say about that! Also, there was Sophia Petrillo, played by Estelle Getty. She was the 82 year-old, 4 foot 11 Italian biological mother of Dorothy and surrogate mother of the rest of the girls. Last but certainly not least we have Blanche Devereaux, played by Rue McClanahan. Blanche, to once again put it bluntly, was the slut. The youngest one of the bunch, she forever had men on the mind, and almost as frequently had men in her boudoir! Obviously, these four characters all embody an extreme. However, everyone has part of one or all of The Golden Girls in them.

Taking place in sunny, beautiful Miami, Florida, the girls were most famous for sitting around either the living room, kitchen table (with cheesecake), or lanai, just having "girl-talk." Dorothy, Rose, Blanche and Sophia stuck together through thick and thin, no matter what. They had their fair share of feuds, men-problems, family-problems, deaths, and of course Rose's infamous St. Olaf stories! Through it all, the girls had an uncanny knack for making light of bad or stressful situations. Through the tears there was always laughter; in the clouds there was always a silver lining. Having each other



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