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The Five-Factor Model of Personality Traits

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Essay Preview: The Five-Factor Model of Personality Traits

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Chau Nguyen



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The five-factor model of personality traits are conscientiousness, agreeableness, neuroticism, openness, and extraversion. They are about our personality. Conscientiousness is being thorough, focused, and orderly. Agreeableness is being helpful, selfless, and kind. Neuroticism is being anxious, worried, and easy frustrated. Openness is being creative, imaginative, and curious. Extraversion is being talkative, energetic, and social. For years, psychologists have suggested that two personality traits (in the Big Five personality model) have the most significant impact on happiness of people. It is extroversion and neuroticism. A person who has two personality traits often have higher levels of happiness than the other people who do not have it. However, some research nowadays show that human happiness is not that simple. An example for that is myself.

Following to researchers, extraversion is a person who always friendly, open and easy to express their emotions. They think that parties and participation in all sorts of activities are their source of energy. They enjoy the many gatherings, and bustling atmosphere. They like to shine and sociable. They are also keen on finding experiences, needing stimulus from their surroundings, and opportunities to join others. They are enthusiastic in the school of action. They do before they thought. They want to change the world rather than understand it. They are like a moving variable which easy to understand and accessible. For example, I do not like the parties or somewhere have too many people. But I am very friendly and sociable. I like to talk with friends and my family. I can talk a lot without stop to my boyfriend if he listens to me. I like to have new experiences for myself, so I always do things before I think about it.

Another personality trait I think that I have is agreeableness. Some research show that people who are in this group are easy to believe in, sincere and easy to get along with others. They are also tolerant, sympathetic, cooperative and caring. They believe that most people are very honest, kind and trustworthy. They are described as very innocent and docile. For example, I am working part-time at a nail salon now. Sometime, I have a client who is very picky. Unlike other co-workers who show attitude when they service, I try to find the way can make my client feel happy even though it takes me longer time to service for them. I always sympathize with others, especially poor kids. That is the reason why I join a volunteer group in my country to help poor kids who do not have opportunity to attend to school.



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