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Negative Personality Trait

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What does an optimist do when she learns she has some personality traits that are undesirable? Admit them to the world of course! I do not listen well. I am opinionated and like being right. I need to realize that sometimes other people have a right to expect me to treat them the way they want to be treated and the right to expect me to remember the way they want to be treated..not to forget and do it over and over again. (crap) I am such a doofus.

I am sure that I have many admirable traits, but I have a few that can mess with the person I am trying to be. I need to admit I have failings in order to correct them. I have to admit I am not always correct in my treatment of others, and that I also need to accept that people can and will call me on it when I attempt to rationalize my behavior. (If you think saying that didn’t hurt you’re crazy)

I am learning that when it comes to people teaching me how to be more receptive and understanding, I have a habit of pushing buttons that I never knew I was the type to push. It’s not always easy growing up is it? The only way to change is to admit I am flawed, to admit I am often really, really wrong. I am not as finished becoming as I thought I might even say one is never done at all.

Yoda…deliver me from myself. In the words of Yoda “Named must your fear be before banish it you can”

so here it is my fear..I am afraid to admit that I am not always the smartest one in the fact sometimes I am quite certain that I am in fact the one who says HUH? the most. I am also afraid to admit that I am a dud when it comes to social behavior. My mom didn’t raise me to be such a misfit, I just sort of did that all on my own.

If you will correct me when I act like a doofus..I will attempt to admit that you are correct about my being a



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