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The First Impression Iago

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Essay Preview: The First Impression Iago

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Linda Feng

Mr. Quiggle

English 1-2, Period 2

31 January 2019

                                             The First Impression of Iago

       In William Shakespeare’s tragedy Othello, there are a lot of characters, but the most impressive to me was Iago. The character of Iago is played as the villain in this story, he is devious, cautious and jealous. In Act 1 sc.1 line 10-15, Iago was telling Roderigo of his hatred for Othello who has given Cassio the lieutenancy that Iago wanted and has made Iago a mere to ensign. He doesn’t understand why Othello has chosen Cassio to be his second in command but not him. He even was called Othello as “an old black ram” (1.1.97), “the devil” (1.1.100), or “a Barbary horse” (1.1.125), that all means “dirty” or “evil”, all of the details gave us the hint about Iago’s personality. That also was leading what happened next. At Iago’s suggestion, he and Roderigo, a former suitor to Desdemona, awake her father to tell him that she has eloped with Othello, that enrage Brabantio, who organizes an armed band to search out Othello. But there’s a detail that mentioned in Act 1 sc.1 line 161, Iago leaves represent he is very cautious because he also needs to be loyal to Othello, that showed his ability to deceive people. Besides, he also warns Othello about the anger of Brabantio on time. Furthermore, the dialogue between Iago and Roderigo at the end of act 1 sc.3, the quote“ put money in thy purse" showed for so many times. This reflects showed us Iago’s intelligent and deceptive, he uses Roderigo to get his purpose successfully. Finally, in line 426-447, that’s a soliloquy monologue of Iago, that refer the motivation, plan, and deep dark thought inside his mind. The personality in Intelligent, deceitful, manipulative are all showed the best on Iago, and I am looking forward to what will happen next.



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