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"The Faithful Wife" By Barbara L. Greenberg

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Essay Preview: "The Faithful Wife" By Barbara L. Greenberg

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In the article "I want a wife" by Judy Brady. Is a humorous article that is explaining what men want and expect from there wives in a mockery way. She starts this essay by discussing a male friend of hers that had a recent divorce and wants to start a new life with a new marriage; however he's still looking for a wife. And then says "it suddenly occurred to me that I, too, would like to have a wife. Why do I want a wife?" in this passage she doesn't really want a wife for herself, she is just signifying to the reader that she wants a wife for the same reason a man wants a wife. A man wants a wife to do his chores, to take care of the children, to give him pleasure without any complains, and to just make him feel relaxed all the time and to make life so easy for him. She is trying to show the reader what a man really needs from his wife, and how this wife should have all these duties when she is married and to be able to pleas her husband. In this humorous essay she is expressing her and other women's feelings about how there husbands treating them and the chores that there husbands make them perform.

The second writing is a poem called "The faithful wife" by Barbara L. Greenberg. This poem

As the matter of fact I would like to have a wife myself if that's what a women's duties are to be born to make her husband feel and enjoy life, however I am not a male and I disagree 100% with the things that a women should do to give their husbands that kind of pleasure if they would have to sacrifice there lives into becoming like a slave for their husbands. I agree with the author about everything she has said. Because it is all true and that's what men really want and expect from there wives not just there wives, but from any women they want to have an intimate relationship with.



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