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Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ

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David Palmer


Bro allred


Hello and welcome today I want to talk to you about faith in the lord Jesus Christ. Faith has long been the basic principle of the church. Though it is referred to often and basic it is far from that. If faith were basic then couldn't we all move mountains and have miracles everyday? I say that faith is biased on a lot of different things.

In the old testament Moses, Adam, and Abraham all had to have incredible faith in order to succeed in what they were called and asked to do. Moses was a great example we know of his speech problems and well as his lack of trust in him. Though he had his flaws as we all do he grew and progressed greatly to become the leader of the Israelites. They was this happened was on no merit of mosses doing. Well maybe a little do to his obedience in god but it was also because he exercised faith in the lord. Faith is what brought the plagues Moses could have doubted they would come or have questioned the effectiveness of them. Though we know he didn't. He trusted the lord and the lord trusted him. That is apart of faith trust. I would venture to say that it is a key to faith.

If we travel back in time to Adam we can see that he was faced with many challenges. After he partook of the fruit he was cast out of the garden of edan and was forced to live in the world we live in now. One thing I feel is over looked in that story is that neither of them complained. They had faith in the lord that he would not just leave them high and dry. That is faith latter on we are told the account when he is told to build a alter and offer up prayer. He is then asked why are you doing that? He says in a nutshell because I was told to. This is an interesting thing because we submitted to the lord not fully comprehending his actions.

This takes us back to trust. Adam trusted the lord and knew he would only bless him as long as he did what the lord asked. This is true in our lives when I has a young boy in my house if you wanted something chores or work had to be done. I had wanted this pair of basketball shoes so badly that it was everything to me. I worked and worked trying to save enough for the shoes.

When I finally got enough I realized that I had to pay my tithing. So I made the hard decision and paid my tithing. I was short the money but the amazing thin happened when that Sunday I was cleaning my room I found all the money I had just paid in tithing!!! I was so excited. That Monday I went and bought my shoes and I prayed in thanks for what the lord had done for me. I knew then what it was to gain trust in the lord.



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