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The Disney Cinderella

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The Disney Cinderella film is designed to excite individuals in love with fantasy. Magic is a central theme and plays an important part in the organization and design of the film. Cinderella’s mother teaches her to rely on and to believe in magic. The theme helps to capture the attention of the audience whom may in many cases to rely on beliefs in their day to day living.

The film is well designed to entertain and capture the attention of children. Scenes of romance are presented in an indirect way making it difficult to criticize and categorize the film as that of adults. The romance in the film is unlikely to capture even the attention of adults making the content appropriate for children. The prince in the film at some point conceals his identity as a royal person in a romantic fashion. The film is designed to stimulate the romantic imagination to a specific extent and to limit criticism that would make the film appropriate for different audiences.

 Evil parts of the film such as the scenes presented by the stepmother are intriguing as they manage to capture the attention and move the emotions of the audience. Children, being the main target audience will be happy observing the mice as they are portrayed as small and kind. Children develop a different perspective about the film depending on what they concentrate on when making observations. The moments between individuals are moderated to make children follow through the movies with relative ease.

 The target audience are intended to view the film from a magical point of view. It is designed to provide a valuable lesson to children on the importance of using passion for following through and achieving their goals.  It inspires them to pursue an education which in the long helps them attain their goals in life.  Girls should not rush to create new friendships with boys. Children learn to wait at the right moment and to treasure those friends that will be ready to walk with them in all cases. It is not simply a romantic story but an inspiration to children that are unable to plan for their success.  It is a movie that helps them grow into mature and responsible individuals and also opens up opportunities for learning among children. It also brings out relationships and how they can create stable relationships.

Brother Grimm′s version of Cinderella is also superstitious and emphasizes on the importance of God in bringing luck and success in an individual’s life. It focuses on improving the behaviors of children through religion. The film helps to bring out both the importance of upholding good morals and discarding the dark characters that help children with evil spirits. It is superstitious for instance by presenting cases where a bird perched on a tree during prayer. Individuals that offer prayer believe in religion. The film is insightful and educative to children who learn the importance of using prayer to attain success. Superstition creates suspense that helps to forge an emotional intelligence certificate.

Symbolism is a key feature of the film helping to enhance creativity among viewers. Children will find the content interesting and more genuine when compared to adults who will view the content as exaggerated.

 The animals present effective learning tools for children. They help bring out creativity, enable the film director to create a plot that is difficult to follow easily. Children are able to learn from the animations, the virtues and values of life. The audience develops a positive perception of Cinderella as the film unfolds.  Children, who are the most appropriate audience for the animation film can forge a connection to the characters of the film as the story unfolds. They develop feelings of anger when they think that Cinderella, who is a main character in the film, is in trouble but later rejoice on discovering that she turns out to be a victor. The film, therefore, manages to capture the emotions of the viewers by creating suspense as viewers will not easily predict the unfolding of the movie.

The plot of the movie is well planned to stimulate both imagination and relation.  Children are excited at the sight of different animals. The use of animals makes it easy to capture and shape the mood of youngsters depending on how the films are organized. The children may feel worried that an admirable character will end up suffering. It is a happy ending for them who will witness their character as the victor in the stories. The audience learn that character that uses virtues are likely to emerge victors at the end of the story.  Contents for children should enable them develop valuable lessons in life and use ideas and objects that they will readily associate with.

Animated films have become the standard of fairy tales worldwide. However, the significant role played by fairy tales in shaping the culture of the society is often forgotten. As a social gauge in giving deeper meaning, lessons along with moralistic revisions, Brother Grimm′s version of Cinderella shows how Cinderella tales uses several devices of the change to suit different purposes which range from teaching, criticism, cultural preservation and much more. From the Cinderella tale, the author has tactfully used the tales to reward the clever, good, and fair characters generally and on the other hand, punish the wicked while revealing significant ideas regarding the gender as well as class relations prevalent within the societies and the time periods the tales was released.  Essentially, these tales have become staples not only in the Western nations but now a global culture where traditional tales are preserved and repeated whereas new renditions and variations of the tales are constantly produced and spread.

Writers, storytellers, and collectors including the Grimm′s have used the tale as a tool for social criticism; this is for the purpose of teaching morals or other lessons, to entertain the audience and in most cases, the audiences create a sympathetic bond with some characters. In this regard, the fairy tale plays a significant role as a method of cultural preservation, as a medium to express intellect as well as for many other purposes that relate to the use of language devices. There are also resemblances between the Cinderella tale and Chinese culture, particarly on the significance of women’s feet, which is due to the importance of feet in the Chinese culture. The interpretation of themes, character traits and language in films will depend on the culture of the people.



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